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About us

We are open Monday-Friday, term-time (38 weeks of the year)

The day is split into 3 parts;

  • A morning session is 8:45 – 11:45

  • Morning and lunch session is 8:45 – 12:45

  • A full day session is 8:45 – 14:45

Children can attend morning, morning plus lunch or full day sessions.

We accept 2 year old funding, 15 and 30 hour government funding for 3 and 4 year olds, as well as Tax-Free child-care payments.

Our Education Offer

Hainford and Frettenham Pre-School is a committee run pre-school based in Jasmine Cottage in the village of Frettenham. We are a registered charity that is open term-time, 5 days a week for children aged from two years to school age. We have strong links with our feeder schools, one of which is adjoins our building. Parents regularly express how happy their children are in the setting and how they love the warm, family-like feel the setting has. 

We offer:

  • a safe and nurturing environment where children can develop their confidence and grow as individuals

  • high-quality relationships with our small but dedicated team of staff

  • child-led learning through play based on their interests and next steps

  • opportunities for children to be curious, ask questions and explore the world around them

Our Curriculum

We provide a specially tailored curriculum of planned, play based activities linked to individual children's interests in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework leading to the Early Learning Goals.

We aim to build on children’s natural curiosities through use of the Hygge in the Early Years (Wanderlust) curriculum. Combining this with elements of the curiosity approach, we provide open-ended opportunities to learn based on natural, multi-sensory and real-life resources and loose parts play.


For all children

  • We promote developing language and communication skills by; modelling language, modelling listening skills, planning group circle times and enhancing vocabulary through a language rich environment

  • We support children in developing a love of books and reading

  • We help children to develop positive relationships with each other, our staff and wider community.

  • We plan ‘next steps’ for each child based on identified needs and interests

  • We strive for strong parental links, with parents and staff in partnership towards the goal of  achieving the best outcomes for all children

For our youngest children

  • We focus on building confidence and independence in early play and social experiences.

  • We develop strong relationships between the child and their key worker, along with their families

  • We understand that the prime areas of learning underpin all other areas of development and so focus next steps on; Communication and language skills, Personal, social and emotional skills and physical development.

For 4 year olds

  • We build on earlier learning experiences whilst preparing them for the next steps in their education, as they prepare to move on to primary school.

  • Provide opportunities to strengthen and apply the prime areas of learning.

  • We encourage independence with self-care skills and promote good social skills.

  • We support children with early literacy and numeracy skills, such as name recognition, mark making, fine motor skills, number recognition and counting.  

Our Premises

We are based at Jasmine Cottage, a beautiful setting with a home-from-home feel. Inside the building, children can explore crafts, messy play, carpet area, book corner and more. We also have a kitchen area, children's toilets and an adult/ disabled toilet. 

Outside we have a large covered area which allows for outdoor play in all weathers. Next to this is our mud kitchen and construction area.


Our grass area to the side of the building has a gardening patch, stage and playhouse. 

We are located next to Frettenham Primary School and are able to use their enclosed field area, which is linked to us via a back gate. 

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